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The current System Status for ARound’s production services at available from our System Status page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the ARound Stadium app available?

At this time, ARound Stadium is available in the United States. ARound is launching with an exclusive stadium AR experience for Minnesota Twins baseball games at Target Field in the Twin Cities through the remainder of the 2022 baseball season. ARound will be coming to more places soon.

ARound Stadium isn’t working for me on my phone at Target Field. Why not?

ARound Stadium uses augmented reality (AR), which requires a phone with a good camera and processor. Not every phone works well with AR. If you’re not able to scan the stadium with your phone, you can use the Virtual Stadium mode instead. We’d love to hear from you if you’re having problems. Please send us the make and model of your phone with your email.

How do I download the app?

We recommend that you download the ARound Stadium app from home over Wi-Fi or at Target Field using the in-stadium Wi-Fi network to bypass any possible cellular data fees with your carrier.

Your app makes my phone warm and consumes more of my battery life with extended use. Why?

Any app that has extended use of the camera will consume additional battery and processing power, thereby making the phone warm. AR is a new technology and we expect that over the coming years, our app will be less battery and processor intensive. Unfortunately, much of this is outside of our control. We recommend that people bring a fully-charged phone to the game.

How can I contact ARound?

Please email us at

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